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Reed v. Town of Gilbert

Docket No.: 13-502
Certiorari Granted: Jul 1 2014
Argued: January 12, 2015
Decided: 6/18/15


First Amendment, Fourteenth Amendment, preliminary injunction

PartyNames: Clyde Reed, et al. v. Town of Gilbert, Arizona, et al.
Petitioner: Clyde Reed, et al.
Respondent: Town of Gilbert, Arizona, et al.

Court Below: United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit
Citation: 707 F.3d 1057
Supreme Court Docket

Clyde Reed, et al.
Town of Gilbert, Arizona, et al.

The Town of Gilbert's Sign Code categorizes temporary signs based on their content and then restricts their size, duration, location, and other characteristics depending on the category into which each sign is placed. Under the Sign Code, Good News Community Church's temporary signs promoting church services receive far worse treatment than temporary signs promoting political, ideological, and various other messages, even though they equally impact Gilbert's interests in safety and aesthetics. By finding the Sign Code content neutral and upholding it under the First Amendment, the Ninth Circuit deepened a three-way conflict among eight Courts of Appeals.

Question Presented:

Does Gilbert's mere assertion of a lack of discriminatory motive render its facially content--based sign code content-neutral and justify the code's differential treatment of Petitioners' religious signs?

Reed v. Town of Gilbert

January 12, 2015

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Reed v. Town of Gilbert
Case Documents

1REED v. GILBERT, AZ Oral Argument Transcript (PDF)
2REED v. GILBERT, AZ Oral Argument Audio
3Slip Opinion in REED v. GILBERT, AZ (Opinion by Justice Clarence Thomas)