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Ford Motor Co. v. McCauley

Docket No.: 01-896
Certiorari Granted: Feb 19 2002
Argued: October 7, 2002
Decided: October 20, 2002


Judicial Power, Writ Improvidently Granted

PartyNames: Petitioners v. John B. McCauley, et al.
Petitioner: Ford Motor Co.
Respondent: McCauley

Court Below: United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit

Ford Motor Co.
537 U.S. 1 (2002)
Question Presented:

I. Whether the cost to the defendant of complying with an injunction sought by aplaintiffs' class may satisfy the amount-in-controversy requirement of the diversity statute, where such compliance would cost the defendant more than the ยง75,000minimum whether it covered the entire class or any single member of the class. 2. Whether, for purposes of applying th e amount-in-controversy requirement of thediversity statute, a class action claim fo r punitive damages should be attributed to each member of the class as an undivided whole, or instead must be apportioned toeach class member on a pro rata basis. CERT. GRANTED: 2/19/02Limited to question 1 presented by the petition. ORDERED: 9/13/02The parties are directed to file suppl emental briefs addressing the following question: "Is there appellate jurisdiction when petitioners, as the nominallyprevailing party in the district court, appeal the district court's dismissal of a complaint for lack of subject matter jurisdiction? "


Is the amount-in-controversy requirement of the federal diversity statute satisfied where a class representative seeks an injunction that would cost the defendant more than $75,000 to implement whether the injunction applies to one plaintiff or all class members?


. CA 9, 264 F.3d 952.

Ford Motor Co. v. McCauley

October 07, 2002

Holding: dismissed
Vote: 9-0

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