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Docket No.: 08-1521
Certiorari Granted: Sep 30 2009
Argued: March 2, 2010
Decided: June 28, 2010


Abortion, Article I, Bill of Rights, Civil Rights Act, Confrontation Clause, Constitutional Law, Double Jeopardy, Due Process, Eighth Amendment, Equal Protection Clause, Establishment Clause, Federalism, Fifteenth Amendment, Fifth Amendment, First Amendment, Fourteenth Amendment, Fourth Amendment, Free Exercise, Gun Control, Miranda, Ninth Amendment, Privileges and Immunities Clause, Second Amendment, Seventh Amendment, Sixth Amendment, Takings Clause, Tenth Amendment, Third Amendment, criminal procedure, habeas, habeas corpus, judicial review, murder, patent, privacy, property rights, public schools, racial discrimination, racial segregation, self-incrimination, separation of powers, stare decisis

PartyNames: Otis McDonald, et al. v. City of Chicago, Illinois, et al.
Petitioner: Otis McDonald, et al.
Respondent: City of Chicago, Illinois, et al.

Court Below: United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit
Citation: 567 F.3 856

Otis McDonald, et al.
City of Chicago, Illinois, et al.
Question Presented:

Whether the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms is incorporated as against the States by the Fourteenth Amendment's Privileges or Immunities or Due Process Clauses.


Does the Second Amendment apply to the states because it is incorporated by the Fourteenth Amendment's Privileges and Immunities or Due Process clauses and thereby made applicable to the states?


March 2, 2010

Holding: reversed and remanded
Vote: 5-4
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