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United States v. Grubbs

Docket No.: 04-1414
Certiorari Granted: Sep 27 2005
Argued: January 18, 2006
Decided: March 21, 2006


Criminal Procedure, Search and Seizure

PartyNames: United States v. Jeffrey Grubbs
Petitioner: United States
Respondent: Jeffrey Grubbs

Court Below: United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit

United States
Jeffrey Grubbs
547 U.S. 90 (2006)
Question Presented:

Whether the Fourth Amendment requires suppression of evidence when officers conduct a search under an anticipatory warrant after the warrant's triggering condition is satisfied, but the triggering condition is not set forth either in the warrant itself or in an affidavit that is both incorporated into the warrant and shown to the person whose property is being searched.


Did the Fourth Amendment require suppression of evidence seized during a search that had been authorized by an anticipatory warrant, when the warrant's triggering events were not shown to the person searched?

Holding: reversed and remanded
Vote: 8-0
Recused: Alito
Opinion By:
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