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Kansas v. Colorado

Docket No.: 105 ORIG
Argued: October 4, 2004
Decided: December 7, 2004


63 Stat. 145, Judicial Power, Article I

Petitioner: Kansas
Respondent: Colorado

543 U.S. 86 (2004)

1.) Should the U.S. Supreme Court appoint a "river master" to resolve disputes over computer modeling of the Arkansas River? 2.) Is Kansas entitled to interest, from 1985 forward, for damages resulting from Compact violations from 1950 to 1985?

Kansas v. Colorado

October 04, 2004

Decision: Decision: 8 votes for Colorado, 1 vote(s) against
Opinion By:

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Kansas v. Colorado
Case Documents

1Opinion in Kansas v. Colorado
Additional documents for this case are pending review.