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Virginia v. Hicks

Docket No.: 02-371
Certiorari Granted: Jan 24 2003
Argued: April 30, 2003
Decided: June 16, 2003


Amendment 1: Speech, Press, and Assembly, First Amendment, Miscellaneous, Article I, ERISA, First Amendment, Supremacy Clause, Title VII, preemption, protected activities

PartyNames: Virginia v. Kevin Lamont Hicks
Petitioner: Virginia
Respondent: Kevin Lamont Hicks

Court Below: Supreme Court of Virginia
Citation: Supreme Court of Virginia, 563 S.E.2d 674. QUESTIONS PRESENTED 1. May a criminal defendant escape conviction by invoking the overbreadth doctrineeven though (i) his own offense did not invo lve any expressive conduct, and (ii) his conduct was not proscribed by that portion of the government statute, regulation orpolicy he challenges as overbroad?
Supreme Court Docket

Kevin Lamont Hicks
539 U.S. 113 (2003)

Is the Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority's trespass policy, which provides for arrest after being served notice for being on the premises without "a legitimate business or social purpose," facially invalid under the First Amendment's overbreadth doctrine?

Virginia v. Hicks

April 30, 2003

Holding: reversed and remanded
Decision: Decision: 9 votes for Virginia, 0 vote(s) against

Virginia v. Hicks
Case Documents

1Opinion in Virginia v. Hicks
2Opinion in Virginia v. Hicks
Additional documents for this case are pending review.