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Massaro v. United States

Docket No.: 01-1559
Certiorari Granted: Oct 1 2002
Argued: February 25, 2003
Decided: April 23, 2003


28 USC 2241-2255 (habeas corpus), Criminal Procedure, Habeas Corpus, ADA, ERISA, Equal Protection Clause, Fifth Amendment, Fourteenth Amendment, RICO, Sixth Amendment, Title VII, copyright, habeas, ineffective assistance of counsel, murder, retaliation

PartyNames: Joseph Massaro v. United States
Petitioner: Joseph Massaro
Respondent: United States

Court Below: United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit
Supreme Court Docket

Joseph Massaro
United States
538 U.S. 500 (2003)

Must claims of ineffective assistance of counsel, whether or not there is new counsel on appeal and whether or not the basis for the claim is apparent from the trial record, be raised on direct appeal?

Massaro v. United States

February 25, 2003

Holding: reversed and remanded
Decision: Decision: 9 votes for Massaro, 0 vote(s) against

Massaro v. United States
Case Documents

1Opinion in Massaro v. United States
2Opinion in Massaro v. United States
Additional documents for this case are pending review.