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Board of Education v. Earls

Docket No.: 01-332
Certiorari Granted: Nov 8 2001
Argued: March 19, 2002
Decided: June 27, 2002


Amendment 4: Fourth Amendment, Privacy, Fourteenth Amendment, Fourth Amendment, antitrust, copyright, equitable relief, illegal drug use, immigration, patent, preliminary injunction, privacy, probable cause, public schools, searches and seizures, trademark

PartyNames: Pottawatomie County, et al. v. Lindsay Earls, et al.
Petitioner: Pottawatomie County, et al.
Respondent: Lindsay Earls, et al.

Court Below: United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit
Citation: 242 F.3d 1264
Lower Court Decision
Supreme Court Docket

Pottawatomie County, et al.
Lindsay Earls, et al.
536 U.S. 822 (2002)

Is the Student Activities Drug Testing Policy, which requires all students who participate in competitive extracurricular activities to submit to drug testing, consistent with the Fourth Amendment?

Board of Education v. Earls

March 19, 2002

Holding: reversed
Decision: Decision: 5 votes for Board of Education, 4 vote(s) against
Opinion By:
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