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Kansas v. Crane

Docket No.: 00-957
Certiorari Granted: Apr 2 2001
Argued: October 30, 2001
Decided: January 22, 2002


Due Process, Due Process, Miscellaneous, ADA, Due Process, First Amendment, Fourteenth Amendment, disparate impact, patent, probable cause, racial discrimination

PartyNames: Kansas v. Michael T. Crane
Petitioner: Kansas
Respondent: Michael T. Crane

Court Below: Supreme Court of Kansas
Supreme Court Docket

Michael T. Crane
534 U.S. 407 (2002)

Did the Kansas Supreme Court interpret Kansas v. Hendricks in an overly restrictive manner by ruling that it requires a finding that a sexual offender, who has only an emotional or personality disorder, rather than a volitional impairment, has an inability to control dangerous behavior?

Kansas v. Crane

October 30, 2001

Holding: vacated and remanded
Decision: Decision: 7 votes for Kansas, 2 vote(s) against

Kansas v. Crane
Case Documents

1Opinion in Kansas v. Crane
2Opinion in Kansas v. Crane
Additional documents for this case are pending review.