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Tyler v. Cain

Docket No.: 00-5961
Certiorari Granted: Dec 11 2000
Argued: April 16, 2001
Decided: June 28, 2001


28 USC 2241-2255 (habeas corpus), Criminal Procedure, Habeas Corpus, Bill of Rights, Commerce Clause, Death Penalty, Due Process, EPA, Eighth Amendment, First Amendment, Sixth Amendment, antitrust, criminal procedure, habeas, habeas corpus, harmless error, harmless-error, murder, res judicata

PartyNames: Melvin Tyler v. Burl Cain, Warden
Petitioner: Melvin Tyler
Respondent: Burl Cain, Warden

Court Below: United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit
Citation: 218 F.3d 744
Lower Court Decision
Supreme Court Docket

Melvin Tyler
Burl Cain, Warden
533 U.S. 656 (2001)

Was the ruled established under Cage v. Louisiana, that a jury instruction is unconstitutional if there is a reasonable likelihood that the jury understood the instruction to allow conviction without proof beyond a reasonable doubt, "made retroactive to cases on collateral review by the Supreme Court," such that an inmate is entitled to submit successive a habeas petition based on that new rule?

Tyler v. Cain

April 16, 2001

Holding: affirmed
Decision: Decision: 5 votes for Cain, 4 vote(s) against

Tyler v. Cain
Case Documents

1Opinion in Tyler v. Cain
2Opinion in Tyler v. Cain
Additional documents for this case are pending review.