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Hunt v. Cromartie

Docket No.: 99-1864
Argued: November 27, 2000
Decided: April 18, 2001
Consolidated with: No. 99-1865


Equal Protection, Civil Rights, Reapportionment, ADA, Bivens action, Equal Protection Clause, Sherman Act, Title VII, antitrust, ineffective assistance of counsel, public schools, qualified immunity, sentencing guidelines

Petitioner: Cromartie
Respondent: Hunt Consolidation No. 99-1865

Supreme Court Docket

532 U.S. 234 (2001)

Did a district court err in finding that North Carolina violated the Equal Protection Clause in its 1997 redrawing of its Twelfth Congressional District's 1992 boundaries?

Hunt v. Cromartie

November 27, 2000

Holding: reversed
Decision: Decision: 5 votes for Hunt, 4 vote(s) against

Hunt v. Cromartie
Case Documents

1Opinion in Hunt v. Cromartie
2Opinion in Hunt v. Cromartie
Additional documents for this case are pending review.