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New Jersey v. New York

Docket No.: 120 ORIG
Argued: January 12, 1998
Decided: May 26, 1998


Article I, Compact Clause, Immigration and Naturalization, Indians, Submerged Lands Act, Unions, habeas, habeas corpus, immigration, property rights, stare decisis

PartyNames: State of NEW JERSEY, Plaintiff, v. State of NEW YORK.
Petitioner: State of NEW JERSEY, Plaintiff
Respondent: State of NEW YORK.

Court Below: ON EXCEPTIONS TO REPORT OF SPECIAL MASTER No. 120, Orig. Argued January 12, 1998

State of NEW JERSEY, Plaintiff
State of NEW YORK.
523 U.S. 767 (1998)
Other Citations: 118 S.Ct. 1726140 L.Ed.2d 993 (523 U.S.

Are the filled portions on Jersey's Side of Ellis Island under the sovereign authority of the State of New York or the State of New Jersey?

New Jersey v. New York

January 12, 1998

Decision: Decision: 6 votes for New Jersey, 3 vote(s) against
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