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Richards v. Jefferson County

Docket No.: 95-386
Argued: March 26, 1996
Decided: June 10, 1996


Due Process, Due Process, Hearing or Notice, Bankruptcy, Due Process, Equal Protection Clause, Fourteenth Amendment, res judicata

PartyNames: RICHARDS et al. v. JEFFERSON COUNTY, ALABAMA, et al. Certiorari to the Supreme Court of Alabama.
Petitioner: Richards
Respondent: Jefferson County

Supreme Court Docket

Jefferson County
517 U.S. 793 (1996)
Other Citations: 116 S.Ct. 1761135 L.Ed.2d 76 (517 U.S. 7

May the Alabama residents, who claim that the Jefferson County occupation tax violates the Federal and Alabama Constitutions, proceed with their class action suit in court in light of a prior, similar adjudication?

Richards v. Jefferson County

March 26, 1996

Holding: reversed and remanded
Decision: Decision: 9 votes for Richards, 0 vote(s) against

Richards v. Jefferson County
Case Documents

1Opinion in Richards v. Jefferson County
2Opinion in Richards v. Jefferson County
Additional documents for this case are pending review.