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Smiley v. Citibank (South Dakota)

Docket No.: 95-860
Argued: April 24, 1996
Decided: June 3, 1996


12 U.S.C. 85, Judicial Power, Judicial Review, Administrative Procedure, Bankruptcy, Natural Resources, abuse of discretion, credit reports

PartyNames: SMILEY v. CITIBANK (SOUTH DAKOTA), N. A. Certiorari to the Supreme Court of California.
Petitioner: Smiley
Respondent: Citibank (South Dakota)

Court Below: THE SUPREME COURT OF CALIFORNIA No. 95-860. Argued April 24, 1996-Decided June 3
Supreme Court Docket

Citibank (South Dakota)
517 U.S. 735 (1996)
Other Citations: 116 S.Ct. 1730135 L.Ed.2d 25 (517 U.S. 7

Does the National Bank Act of 1864 authorize a national bank to charge late- payment fees that are lawful in the bank's home State but prohibited in the States where the cardholders reside?

Smiley v. Citibank (South Dakota)

April 24, 1996

Holding: affirmed
Decision: Decision: 9 votes for Citibank (South Dakota), 0 vote(s) against

Smiley v. Citibank (South Dakota)
Case Documents

1Opinion in Smiley v. Citibank (South Dakota)
2Opinion in Smiley v. Citibank (South Dakota)
Additional documents for this case are pending review.